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Our Summer Dance Intensive Is Going To Be GREAT!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 06/07/21.

Registration for our Summer Dance Intensive is now open, with a full week of training from beloved guest teachers like: Central Ballet founder and director, Lori Ann Sparks; Trinity Arts Center alum and American Idol contestant, Brielle Rathbun; Modern and Aerial Extraordinaire, Jen Kintner; Musical Theater Specialist, Danielle Mumpower; and Mobility & Recovery Expert, Samantha Davis.

This summer's intensive will be held from Monday, July 5th through Friday, July 9th, with classes from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM. We offer tracks for both intermediate (our Level 3/4) and advanced (our Level 5/6) levels. Tuition is $300 for the week and is 100% open to students from other studios, although space is limited and housing is not included. Shoot us an email to hold your spot now!

Drop-In For Our Summer Dance Workshops!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 06/07/21.

This summer, in addition to our Summer Dance Intensive on July 5th-9th, we'll have four great opportunities to drop-in for workshops with guest teachers that we know and love.
Space is limited for some of these workshops and students from other studios are welcome, so shoot us an email early to hold your spots.

Tap Is Back!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 06/07/21.

This fall, we are re-starting weekly Tap Classes at Trinity! Olivia Campbell (the same teacher who led our company classes last year) is adding classes for Level 3/4 and 5/6 on Monday nights, and a third spot for Levels 1/2 TBD. We'll be using the newly renovated downstairs studio for these classes, so space is limited. Register now to hold your spot!

Tuition for Tap is the same as for all dance classes -- $150 per quarter, $275 per semester, or $500 per year. Of course, you'll need tap shoes to take class, and we highly recommend who will give you a 5-10% discount and set aside 1% for our costume account if you use School ID# 28758.

Shoot us an email if you have questions or would like to get started in the fall. We're excited about getting tap back on tthe schedule at Trinity, and would love to have you involved!

Today Is The Last Day To Keep Your Spot And Save 10%!!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 05/17/21.

If you love your teacher, love your current class or lesson times, and/or love saving money... You have until June 1st to keep your existing spots, grab new ones, and save 10% on tuition! = )

Registration is open for the 2021-2022 school year, which gives current music students (and early childhood dance students) until June 1st to retain their current lesson times for the next school year. After that date, we'll purge the schedule and start filling it up with new requests.

For those looking to grab new class or lesson times: Our early childhood dance classes (Pre-Ballet and Ballet Basics) and our after school music blocks always fill up fast, so it's always a good idea to register early for those. If you're making changes, now is the best time to get those requests in as well, as the schedule will never be as empty as it is on June 1st, and we will fulfill those requests on a first-come first-served basis.

To hold spots, you only need to pay the $75 registration fee, although you can pay tuition and get the 10% early registration discount as well. Shoot us an email if you have questions. The 2021-2022 class schedule is online, but if you're already regsitered with us, we don't need anything filled out. Just let us know what you need. = )

Keep Moving Forward w/ A La Carte Summer Lessons!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 05/17/21.

Summer music lessons are a great way to keep from losing the progress you've made and to test the waters if you are considering lessons in the fall. "A la carte" means you only pay for the weeks you'll be in town, so it's a flexble and easy way to keep moving forward while you have some summer fun.

Not all of our instructors teach summer lessons, but we do have options for every kind of lesson that we offer. Book as many as ten or as few as six lessons over the summer to keep from losing the progress you've made, but still have the flexibility to work around your summer schedule. It's the best of both worlds!

Shoot us an email and we'll get you on the schedule. (thumbs up)

The Prodigal Is Coming Soon!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 05/01/21.

As with our Christmas production of God With Us in December, our SPRING SHOW looks a bit different this year. And although we're not able to present a show that includes all of our dance students and a live audience, we are producing a special online-only version of The Prodigal that we will deliver later this month. Here's what you need to know:

This vidotaped production of The Prodigal, which includes ONLY our Ballet and Jazz students in levels 4, 5, and 6, will be performed and video-taped on Saturday, May 8th, then delivered online later this month. Parents of those students should visit the production page for complete details.

The videos from these pieces will be made available for free. However, donations to help cover the cost (around $4,000) are GREATLY appreciated. You can do that quickly and easily online at, or -- can just drop off or mail a check.

Our creativity depends on your generosity, and that is especially true this year. THANKS IN ADVANCE for that ongoing support!

For hip-hop students, or ballet/jazz students below 4:

Since those classes and levels aren't participating in The Prodigal, you don't need to know anything else about the production. When the videos are complete, we'll send them to you so you can enjoy them as well.

Here's what you DO need to know: We will be sending an invitation to in-class or in-loobby performance that we've been working on the last few months -- some of which are selections from the full version of the show. Those will be simple, brief, and will be offered later this month. We'll have details and take-home sheets in your hands next week.

Thanks again for all of the support and encouragement this year. We look forward to bring another full-length production soon. Until then, we're excited to create, perform, and share this show with you very soon!

Registration For Princess Ballerina Camp Is Open!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 04/20/21.

Registration for this year's Princess Ballerina Camp is open! From dance classes to tea parties and face painting to dress up, if you are a young girl (ages 3-8), Princess Ballerina Camp is the place to be the week of June 7-11th!

Princess Ballerina Camp is a half-day arts camp that introduces young girls to dance, art, music, grace, and manners in a playful, fun, and colorful way. Daily activites will include tea parties, costumes, dance classes, music instruction, art projects, face painting, and more -- all designed to give your princess a fun-filled week of instruction, friendship, and creativity. Although there are some large group story and singing times, the majority of their camp experience is spent with seven other princesses who are grouped according to age (or by request), with their own "Queen" and "Fairy Princess" leaders. That 8:2 ratio ensures that all of our girls are known and safe, and that they have age appropriate projects and activities. And as a bonus, it's a GREAT way to find babysitters!

This year's camps will be held from Monday, June 7th to Friday, June 1th, from 9:00 to 12:00 each day, with a mid-morning snack and juice provided. To register, stop by the front desk at Trinity Arts Center or shoot us an email. In past years, we've offered two weeks since the 80 available spots fills up quickly, so with only one week this year, it's likely to fill up fast. The cost is $150 for the week, and includes all materials. If you opted for a credit instead of a refund for last year's covid cancellations, you can redeem those now! We'd love to see you and your little princess! = )

Trinity Arts Center Is On Spring Break This Week!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 03/08/21.

Trinity Arts Center is closed this week for Spring Break. With temps climbing into the 60s this week, we highly recommend spending part of your break on Roan Mountain or Grayson Highlands, and having a picnic lunch at one of the downtown parks (Founders and KIngs Commons are both awesome). See you in a week!

As always, our complete schedule is available online at

Snow Cancellation Policy At Trinity Arts Center.
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 02/02/21.
Snow Cancellation Policy At Trinity Arts Center.
Since the weather and roads are often clear by the time we start classes, we do not follow the cancellation schedule for any of the area school systems and are usually open even when they are closed. When we do close, we get the word out via email, on the web site, and on Facebook by noon of the day in question.

If we are open, we will not post anything. Of course, use your own judgement if the roads where you live won't allow you to make it in (or if you'd just rather go sledding). = )

The Seats Are Empty This Year, But Our Hearts Are Full!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 12/24/20.

God With Us 2020. The seats are empty this year, but our hearts are full! Merry Christmas from Trinity Arts Center. We hope it finds you resting in His promises, full of peace and hope!

"So wrap our injured flesh around you. Breathe our air and walk our sod. Rob our sin and make us holy, perfect Son of God. Welcome to our world."

"Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" "The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means God with us."

If the embedded video above doesn't play, visit YouTube to play it online.

Give a gift at

Thanks to everyone who helped make God With Us possible this year. Watching our faculty and students prepare and perform has been a gift to me. I hope it is a gift to you! = )

Trinity Arts Center is closed for Christmas Break!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 12/21/20.

Beginning today, Trinity Arts Center is closed for a two-week Christmas Break, and will re-open for classes on Monday, January 4th. We hope your Christmas is full of grace and peace, and that you are able to share it with family and friends.

"So wrap our injured flesh around You. Breathe our air and walk our sod. Rob our sins and make us holy, perfect Son of God. Welcome to our world." - Chris Rice (Welcome to Our World)

God With Us Looks Different This Year, But It's Coming!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 12/04/20.

God With Us looks a little (a lot) different this year. And although we're not able to present a full stage production that includes all of our dance students, we are working up a special online-only version of God With Us that we will deliver just before Christmas. Here's what you need to know:

An abbreviated version of God With Us (our annual Christmas production) that includes only our Level 4, 5, and 6 students in Ballet and Jazz, will be performed and video-taped on Saturday, December 19th, then delivered online the week of Christmas. Parents of those students should visit the production page for complete details on the rehearsals and production.

For everyone else: The videos from these pieces will be made available for free. However, donations to help cover the cost (around $4,000) are GREATLY appreciated. You can do that quickly and easily online at, or -- can just drop off or mail a check.

Our creativity depends on your generosity, and that is especially true this year. THANKS IN ADVANCE for that ongoing support!

And for students in hip-hop or in ballet/jazz levels below four... We've been working on some in-class performances the last few weeks, including some selections from the full version of God With Us. Those will be simple, brief, and will be offered at the end of your student's regular class time. We'll have details about those, and an invitation to attend, in your inbox next week.

Thanks again for all of the support and encouragement this year. We look forward to bring another full-length production soon. Until then, we hope the gift of God With Us 2020 is a blessing to you and your famiy. = ) Mery Christmas!

This #GivingTuesday, We Truly Need Your Help!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 12/01/20.

This Christmas, we're asking our friends, parents, past students, and patrons to DEMONSTRATE their SUPPORT and GRATITUDE for Trinity Arts Center with an END-OF-YEAR DONATION.

We are CONVINCED of the value of arts education, CALLED to share the Gospel in creative and compelling ways, and are absolutely COMMITTED to continuing to do the work we have to do, but with cancelled productions, reduced enrollment, multi-month shutdowns, and six-figure losses... 2020 has been a doozy, and WE COULD REALLY USE YOUR HELP.

If Trinity Arts Center has INSPIRED you with a performance, or INSTRUCTED & ENCOURAGED your kids, or NURTURED your gift, or CREATED an OPPORTUNITY for you to PERFORM or EXPERIENCE truth and beauty and creativity in an encouraging way... Please consider sowing back into the community that has sown into you in the past. Your strong support would be such an encouragement and affirmation, and would lighten a financial burden at the end of a challenging year.

For those who aren't familiar, the Trinity Arts Foundation is a non-profit partner to Trinity Arts Center that is focused on community-building scholarships and grants to students, teachers, and artists who are doing creative and God-honoring work in our community. Over the past fifteen years, we have awarded more than HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, including several thousand dollars in Covid-relief grants to local artists, teachers, and organizations earlier this year.

Whether it's $100 or $1,000, please take this opportunity to encourage the artists and teachers who have served and loved you over the years, so that we can continue to do the creative work that we are doing, and can help others continue to do it as well. Thank you so much for your ongoing encouragement and support since 2005. Please consider doubling down on that support today. It has never been more needed. Thank you!

We're Closed This Week For Thanksgiving!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 11/23/20.

As is our custom, Trinity Arts Center is closed this week for Thanksgiving. We are very thankful for you, and we hope you have a wonderful week full of fellowship, family, and friends. We'll see you after the holiday, on November 30th.

As always, our online calendar is always up to date. If you ever wonder about holidays or upcoming events, that's a good place to go.

Turn Shopping Into Scholarships w/!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 11/02/20.

Amazon's program is super simple. Just visit, log into your account, and select the Trinity Arts Foundation as your charity. Then, every time you're ready to shop, just type and a percentage of your purchase goes to provide scholarships to students and grants to teachers who are doing good work in our community.

The Trinity Arts Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit whose miission is to encourage and use creativity in a God-honoring way, and to communicate the Gospel in ways that are creative and compelling. Since 2006, we've given away more than $800,000 in scholarships to help students participate who might not otherwise have the opportunity and to encourage artists and teachers in our community to keep doing the good work they are doing -- art that looks like praise.

2020 has been a difficult year for many of us, but it has been particularly devastating for the arts community. In April, thanks to your generosity, we awarded $6,400 to local artists and teachers who had lost income due to the shutdowns. Help us do more by using

Learn To Play The Guitar In Just Four Weeks!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 10/12/20.

Join us on Monday, October 26th to kick-off a four-week workshop that will have you playing real songs before we're done. If you've had a guitar for a while, but haven't made time to get started OR if you've dabbled a bit, but would like to level up to where you can play chord charts at church or learn guitar tab that you find online... This is the workshop for you!

Tuition for this workshop is $100, and you wi'll need an acoustic guitar to participate. We will meet from 6:30-8:00 every Monday, from Octobe 26th to November 16th. Space is limited to 10 students. Shoot us an email to hold your spot.

Unlock Confidence & Creativity w/ An Art Workshop!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 10/12/20.

Beginning on Wednesday, October 28th, we'll kick off a, four-week art workshop for anyone interested in learning some fundamental "tips and tricks" that will help take your creativity to the next level. Heard of grid drawings? Super-cool technique. Where do eyes go on a portrait? The answer will surprise you. You'll also be surprised at what a few tips will do for your results. We're limiting this one to just ten students. If you're intersted, jump in fast.

Tuition for this workshop is $100 and includes everthing you'll need. We'll meet from 4:30-6:00 every Wednesday, from Octobe 28th to November 18th. Shoot us an email if you have questions and to hold your spot.

We're On Fall Break!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 10/05/20.

Trinity Arts Center is closed this week for fall break. We'll return for regular classes on Monday, October 12th. Grab a warm pumpkin-or-apple spice (fill in the blank), get outdoors, and enjoy the week!

Every year, I take this opportunity to point our students and patrons toward a few of my family's go-to fall hiking spots, including Bays Mountain (hard to beat once the leaves start to pop) and the Dennis Cove trail to Laurel Falls. The balds side of Roan Mountain is always beautiful, and is a monthly hike (at least) for my crew.

Don't forget that our online calendar is always current if you have questions about our holiday schedule. See you next week!

We're Open For Labor Day (And All One-Day Holidays)!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 09/07/20.

Trinity Arts Center is open on Labor Day (and all of the one-day holidays). We take a week off for fall break, a week for Thanksgiving, two weeks for Christmas, and one final week for spring break. Other than that, we're open, doing what we do.

Our online calendar shows our scheduled holidays, performances, tuition deadlines, and more. Check that any time you have a doubt. See you soon!

Tips On Parking & Traffic Flow!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 08/17/20.

As a new school year begins, here are three tips about parking, drop-off, and traffic flow at Trinity: 1. Parking on the street could result in a ticket. 2. Parking across the street could result in frustrated neighbors. 3. "Flowing" the wrong direction in the back lot could result in unnecessary slowdowns.

First, here is a parking map that we use for recitals and other high-traffic times that might make you aware of some options you hadn't considered, or didn't know were ours.

Parking on the street could result in a ticket, if something we do irritates a passing Sam's Club customer and they call the police.

In fifteen years on Chase Drive, I'm only aware of one parking ticket, but they've stopped by to warn us a few times, always in response to a call from a passing driver who called to complain about someone pulling out in front of them, backing out in front of them, or being unable to pass through without waiting for oncoming traffic. If you do choose to park on the street, please do these two things to reduce the risk of tickets and complaints:
  1. If you are going to park on the street, make sure you park facing the correct direction. Based on past interactions with the police, parking on the street and facing the right direction is more forgiveable than parking on the street facing backwards.

  2. Don't stop traffic in order to make your drop-off. Instead, pull into the lot or close enough to the curb to allow two-way traffic to continue. Then, after dropping off your students, pull back into the street.
Thanks for your patience, and for helping us stay us in good standing with the city and our neighbors. We really do appreciate it.

Except for special occassions, like music recitals or special events, please don't park in the lot across the street.

For our first fourteen years, we were allowed to use the lot across the street, but -- some new neighbors moved in last year, and have requested that we leave that parking open for them to use. It's their space, so -- we're going to honor that request.

Drop-off and Pick-up flow in the back parking lot/studio.

Maintaining the one-way, counter-clockwise traffic flow past the back building and out the other side helps to reduce confusion and expedite the transition between classes. If you're early, and need to wait, please stay to the right, near the curb in front of the back studio so that the left lane remains free for other vehicles to make an exit. Keeping that left lane clear helps things run smoothly.

Thanks again for the help. And as always, let us know if you have questions, have suggestions, or need anything.

Aaannnd, We're Back!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 08/10/20.

We're back! And just in case that catches you by surprise or prompts your internal voice to say, "Oh, snap... I never emailed Trinity Arts Center to hold our spots," no worries. You can just show up this week. Or, if you want to wait until the dust of this atypical first week of school is behind you, that's cool too. We'll still have a spot for you next week, or later this month, or whatever. When you're ready, we are, and we'd love to see you!

Whenever you are emotionally, mentally, or just logistically ready, take a peek at 2020-21 class schedule and/or shoot us an email to let us know what you need, and we'll get you scheduled for a free, trial lesson or class. We are SO EXCITED to get back into regular rhythm, and re-connected with all of the benefits of healthy activities, relationships, exercise, creativity, and learning. One way or another, we hope you'll join us soon!

Socially Distanced Classes Are Coming Soon!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 08/03/20.

Very soon, we'll announce some workshops and weekly dance classes with smaller class sizes and a more controlled environment for students who prefer to play things a little closer to the chest for now. We understand your caution, and we want to keep your training in motion, and keep you connected with some healthy activities as best as we can.

Keep your eyes on your inbox throughout the month of August for art, music, dance, and theater workshops and classes for all ages and levels. Some will limit class sizes, some will have stricter mask requirements, and some will justt be run-of-the-mill workshops that provide something our regular classes can't.

Let us know if there's something you'd love to see, so we can consider that in our planning. And of course, shoot us an email if you have questions about anything. We have good answers most of the time, and we'd love to hear from you! = )

After FIVE LONG MONTHS... Classes Restart Next Week!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 08/03/20.

Yes, after FIVE LONG MONTHS... Trinity classes are set to restart on Monday, August 10th. If you're ready to start getting back into a regular rhythm, we're ready for you. If you need more time, that's cool too, and we'll be here when you're ready. In the meantime, we're doing everything we can do to press ahead, do creative work, encourage students and parents, offer healthy activities, and -- help everyone feel welcome and safe while we do it. It's a tall order, but we're up to the challenge, and we hope you'll join us soon!

The 2020-21 class schedule is online and has general info about our group classes, which is a good place to start for dance. For private music lessons, shoot us an email and we'll get you scheduled for a free, trial lessons. Either way, hopefully we will see you soon!

Trinity Classes Begin In TWO WEEKS!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 07/27/20.

Hello parents and students! Trinity classes are set to restart on Monday, August 10th which means we're down to JUST TWO WEEKS! If you're already registered, but have yet to pay tuition, you'll get a reminder email today. If you've been waiting to see how things looked before committing (I don't blame you)... Now is a good time to start firming up your plans.

As always, the early childhood classes and private music lessons fill up earliest (and some already have). Earlier is better for everyone, but especially if you're looking at those two types of classes/lessons. Remember: You only have to pay the $75 registration fee to hold your spots.

NOTE: If you've already paid your fall invoice, you won't receive another confirmation email today. If you're not sure which classes are available, the 2020-21 class schedule is online and has general info about the appropriate ages and info. Take a peek, and let us know how we can help. Thanks!

Trinity Arts Center... Save The Dates!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 07/27/20.

The 2020-2021 school year is almost underway, and now is a good time to save the important dates. Our online calendar is always current, always available, and often set a year or more in advance, but here are a few key dates:

First Day Of Classese:Monday, August 10th
Fall Break:Sunday, October 4th - Saturday, October 10th
Quarter Tuition Due:Monday, October 12th
Thanksgiving Break:Sunday, November 22nd - Saturday, November 28th
God With Us Dance Production:Saturday, December 19th
Christmas Break:Sunday, December 20th - Saturday, January 2nd
Quarter Tuition Due:Monday, January 4th
Semester Tuition Due:Monday, Jauary 4th
Father/Daughter Dance:Saturday, February 20th
Spring Break:Sunday, March 7th - Saturday, March 13th
Quarter Tuition Due:Monday, March 15th
The Prodigal Dance Production:Saturday, May 8th
Music Recitals:Friday, May 14th - Sunday, May 16th
Last Day Of Classes:Saturday, May 22nd
Early Registration Deadline:Saturday, May 22nd
Summer Dance Intensive:Monday, June 5th - Friday, June 9th
Princess Ballerina Camp 1:Monday, June 12th - Friday, June 16th
Princess Ballerina Camp 2:Monday, June 19th - Friday, June 23rd
Summer ArtWorks Camp:Monday, July 5th - Friday, July 9th
Summer Worship Arts Academy:Monday, July 12th - Friday, July 16th
Summer Songwriting Intensive:Monday, July 19th - Friday, July 23rd

Of course, we'll add a variety of guest artists, camps, and workshops to the schedule as well, which we'll announce as they are confirmed. You can always reference our online calendar, message us on Facebook, email us, or call/text to (423) 926-6048.

Dance Clothing, Expectations, & Etiquette!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 07/27/20.

The beginning of a new school year is always a good time to highlight our standard dance clothing, point you in the direction of, and share a few thoughts about expectations and etiquette for our dance program.

Ballet (All Levels)

Our standard girl's dance uniform is light pink tights (fully footed, convertible, or ankle length), with a black leotard (long sleeve, cap sleeve, or spaghetti strap with minimal sequins), and simple, light pink ballet slippers. We standardize our classroom attire so that we can use them as a base for production costumes, and these uniforms are required. You're welcome to add a light pink or black skirt (although it's not required), but there are times that a teacher will ask you to remove it so they can see lines clearly. Boys wear black jazz pants with a white t-shirt and black ballet slippers.

Target, Wal-Mart, and Academy Sports stock smaller sizes of those items. If they don't have what you're looking for, is our go-to, and stocks everthing you could possible want. Plus, they give a 5-10% discount to you for entering our school code (#28758) and give us a 1% kick-back toward our costumes budget. Win, win.

Jazz (All Levels)

Jazz students wear a black leotard with black jazz pants and black jazz shoes. If you're confused about what any of those are, visit to see examples, and to get an idea what is available.

Hip-Hop (All Levels)

Hip-hop students can wear whatever allows them to dance and feel cool. Generally speaking, that includes sweat pants, t-shirts, cool shoes, hats, and any accessories that add to the look without getting in the way.

Expectations & Etiquette For All Dancers

  1. Be in class (or for little ones, in the lobby), in uniform, hair done, shoes on, on time, and ready to go. We have a large lobby and waiting area where you can get ready. Let's not waste class time waiting for late arrivals or unprepared dancers. We get it. Sometimes stuff happens, but -- do what you can to honor others' time and be in class and ready to go, on time. Check out our sample ballet bun videos if you need some help with those.
  2. Always be attentive and quiet in class. If you have a question, wait until an appropriate time, raise your hand, and wait for your teacher to call on you.
  3. The teacher is always right, even when they are wrong. I promise, we're trying hard to teach you everything we know in a loving and humble way, and some of us are old. Show us some grace when we make a mistake or forget. We'll figure it out eventually. Learning to show teachers (and elders) respect is part of what you're learning.
  4. If something does go wrong, it's probably Mr. Jamin's fault. If you have a complaint, comment, or question, send it here or shoot us a message on Facebook. We'll response asap.
  5. We do not allow parents to visit the classroom. It's just too disruptive, especially for the little ones (imagine trying to do what you do with two people sitting in chairs watching you the entire time). We produce two shows a year. You'll have lots of opportunities to see their progress. If you have questions about what we're doing in class, we're glad to schedule a quick meetup before or after class, or you can contact us at the front desk.
  6. Be humble, creative, patient, kind, encouraging, and work hard. Our motto is "art that looks like praise." We want to embody that in all that we do, and we hope you will too.
  7. Finally... Be yourself. We're not one of those studios that only accepts people who are a certain height, weight, or body type. You bring a love for dance and be willing to work, and we will give you the best training we can, and lots of opportunities to use that gift for good.
Hopefully that helps set expectations and answers questions, especially for those who are new. As always, give us a shout if there's anything we can do. We're generally pretty responsive on Facebook as well.