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The Building Fund Has Officially Begun!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 11/01/16.

Last year, we started to share a vision with you -- a vision of a permanent facility for Trinity Arts Center that would provide a place where thousands of students could find a home in the arts, an identity in the Gospel, and a vision for how the two intersect in their lives.

Over our first ten years, we've seen the impact that creative students and teachers can have on our community, and on individual lives, as we come together to create new work, inspire new artists, and tell stories of the Gospel in new and creative ways.

We believe in the gift of creativity, and the positive impact it can have on others, and we desire to leave a legacy of creativity, honesty, community, and love that will impact our kids, and their kids, and their kids.

Between now and December 31st, we're taking the first step -- securing the money that will allow us to consider land, draw up plans, and form the partnerships that will move us toward our ultimate goal -- a permanent facility and a 1,200 seat community performing arts center.

In our first ten years, we've:
We believe that now is the time to act. Will you help us meet our Phase 1 goal of $50,000 by giving one $20 bill toward our cause?

You can give more than that if you like (in fact, we're going to need some large donors and partners to pull this off), but if every person who is connected to our community would give a single, $20 bill, we would meet our goal, and start down a path that will impact the lives of thousands of students, artists, and patrons for decades to come.

Next year, we'll start talking about Phase 2 of that dream -- a 1,200 seat community performing arts center that would include a state-of-the-art performances space that would provide turn-key solution for schools, churches, and individuals that would include ticketing, promotion, construction, costumes, sets, props, and more.

The impact we will have on our community, and for the Kingdom, is incredible.

Trinity Arts Center provides a community where creative and talented students, teachers, and artists can belong, and where they can learn the skills they need to inspire otehrs, and tell meaningful stories, themselves. We provide an environment, and adminsitrative support for creative people to do more of what they do, and take on the financial risk of new efforts, so that they can get paid, and stay in our community, investing in their churches, students, and others.

Trinity Arts Foundation exists to provide a tax-deductible opportunity for generous patrons to support the good work that we're doing. God has been good, and we've had the opportunity to be generous to hundreds of families, students, teachers, and artists over the years. To reach this next goal, we're going to need your help.

We believe that art is meaningful, that stories are inspirational, that music is universal, that dance is beautiful, that creativity is valuable, and that God is good.

If you have questions about what we do, have access to financial resources that could help us realize this vision, or have creative ideas of your own, and think that we can help, let us know.

Below, is a list of everyone who has donated so far. Please add your name to that list. Whether it's $20 or $2,000... We need your help.

Sincerely, thanks.

Leaders in our Community (based on 2016-2017 support)

Founder - $10,000+
Brian & Missie Way

Champion - $5,000+
Michael & Violetta Ward

Leader - $2,500+
Add your name.

Partner - $1,000+
Greg & Amber Stewart
Brian & Jennifer Trammell

Encourager - $500+
Tim & Christina Morgan
Kyle & Haylee Phillips

Supporter - $100+
Jim & Patricia Cathelyn
Celso & VIvien Ebeo
Andy & Lindsay Harman
Charles & Shannon Hensley
Brian & Jessica Luff
Tim & Christina Morgan
John & Karen Speropulos

Patron - $20+
Ashley Anderson
Tempa Bader
Eduardo & Cristy Balcells
Kendall & Theresa Boyd
Kristina Bragg
Ben & Sara Butler-Lamie
Erin Carder
John & Kelly Cash
Jose & Shannon Castillo
David & Ashley Clopton
Taylor & Aimee Corbett
JD & Nichole Coult
Tim & Marilee Crosby
Frank Lewis & Stella Dragovich
Carl & Jennifer Eilers
Thomas & Cortny Eorgan
Steven Freeman
Bryon & Malia Grant
Tina Gregg
Eric & Darcy Groen
Rod & Rosanne Haaland
Russell & Lori Haynes
Justin & Elizabeth Hecht
James & Lynne Herndon
Rick & Dawn Hess
Woody & Pam Johnson
David & Abbi Kincaid
David & Marjorie Knapp
Sandra Laguardia
Andy & Julia Malcolm
Maggie McNally
Donald & Maud Mushayamunda
Jay Nelson
Tuan & Tricia Nguyen
Andrew & Amber Price
Daryl & Beverly Pritchard
John & Jennifer Rice
Michael & Jen Schepers
Harry & Marjorie Shaefer
James & Sheryl Shipley
Winter Smith
Kevin & Jennifer Sweet
Wayne & Sarah Turbyfield
Rob & Holly Volz
Bella Waldron
Jana Webb
Walter & LaDonna West (MOMAC Art Studio)
Jennifer Yu