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Our contact information (and a few other things).
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 10/07/06.
Trinity Arts Center - Pics

Contact Information:

Trinity Arts Center
909 Chase Drive
Johnson City, TN 37604


Jamin Rathbun

From State of Franklin, TURN RIGHT onto Oakland (toward the entrance to Cheddar's and Barnes & Noble). TURN RIGHT at Franklin Terrace (the first light). GO PAST the entrance to Cheddar's to the T in the road. TURN LEFT at the T onto Chase Drive (if you turn right, you go into the Sam's Club parking lot). We are the two-story brick building on the left with the bright green sign between the trees. Additional parking is available at the back of the building.


Jamin Rathbun, Owner & Executive Director

Jamin Rathbun Jamin, a proud father of nine, directs the day to day business operations of Trinity Arts Center, the multi-disciplinary arts academy he founded in 2006; the Trinity Arts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization focused on creating and supporting community-building arts and education programs.

Jamin studied Secondary Vocal Music Education at Northwest Missouri State University before leaving to write and tour with Hot Pink Turtle, the band he formed in 1989, which was subsequently signed to REX Records in 1993, recording two albums for that label, and an additional two compilation and tribute albums through Word Distributing, their parent company.

In addition to his early career as a touring songwriter, worship leader, and pizza delivery guy, Jamin is also an experienced speaker, creative director, consultant and business strategist, having led departments and development teams for a variety of advertising, marketing, design, and development companies including: MasterCard International, GE, CitiGroup, Chase, Oracle, and Home Depot.

Above all of that, though, Jamin is a father, a worshipper, a creative, a problem solver, and an encourager who loves to walk in the woods, listen to water run, and look up into the sky.


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