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"David" - Parent & Student Production Page!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 03/06/17.

As of the time of this email, we are very short on parent volunteers for this production. If you haven't already, please stop by the front table and volunteer to help in some area. We have a lot of kids. We need a lot of help. = )

Here's some last-minute info about costumes and makeup from Miss Tanya and Jen Schepers (a long-time Trinity mom).

"David" will be performed on Saturday, April 29th at 1:00 and 5:00 and on Sunday, April 30th at 3:00, in Seeger Chapel on the Milligan College campus. See below for all of the applicable performance, rehearsal, and ticket information.

Note: By default, we assume that all dance students will participate in God With Us, except our Adult Ballet and Tap classes. Based on that assumption, we will purchase costumes for, and plan choreography that includes, your student. If your students cannot participate, for whatever reason, please let us know as soon as possible so we can adjust accordingly. Thanks!

What Is David?

"David" is this year's spring dance production which (as the name would imply) will tell the story of the historical, Biblical king of Israel, David -- a man after God's own heart.

If this is your first time with us, it's worth noting that our dance performances are not your typical dance "recital." They are fully costumed, choreographed, and scored dance productions that communicate stories that we belive are meaningful, in as creative a way as we are able to tell them. We think there's something special that happens when creative people get together to use their gifts, encourage one another, and communicate truth. If this is your first time participating, we think you'll appreciate the difference.

When Are The Performances?

David will be performed two times on Saturday, April 29th at 1:00 and 5:00, and on Sunday, April 30th, at 3:00, in Seeger Chapel on the Milligan College campus.

When Is Dress Rehearsal?

A mandatory dress rehearsal will be held on Friday, April 28th from 4:00-5:30 (Cast A), from 5:30-7:00 (Cast B), from 7:00-8:30 (Cast C), and from 8:30-10:00 (Additional Rehearsal). Students in all three casts will stay for the entire time. We will run the Pre-Ballet and Ballet Basics classes at the beginning of each rehearsal time, then excuse the younger dancers from rehearsal while we run the remainder of the show.

All dancers should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled rehearsal time with their core costume, hair, and makeup ready to go (see below for details). We will hold an informational meeting in the auditorium for ALL PARENTS at 4:00 (Cast A), 5:30 (Cast B), and 7:00 (Cast C).

How Do We Get Tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at Trinity Arts Center, by phone (926-6048), or online at Tickets prices are either $10 or $15 dollars, depending on which section you select for seats. All seats are reserved.

Which Performance/Cast Are We In?

The cast lists below communicate which classes will perform in which cast. Classes that aren't listed below will perform in all three performances except for our Adult Ballet and Tap students, who will not perform (unless they are in other classes).

Cast A
(1:00 Saturday)
Monday Ballet Basics at 4:45
Monaay Pre-Ballet at 3:45
Monday Pre-Ballet at 10:00
Monday Ballet Basics at 6:45
Ballet 1
Jazz 1

Cast B
(5:00 Saturday)
Tuesday Ballet Basics at 3:45
Monday Pre-Ballet at 5:45
Tuesday Pre-Ballet at 4:45
Friday Pre-Balelt at 4:00
Tuesday Ballet Basics at 5:45
Ballet 2
Jazz 2
Hip-Hop 2

Cast C
(3:00 Sunday)
Thursday Ballet Basics at 3:45
Thursday Pre-Ballet at 10:00
Friday Ballet Basics at 5:00
Ballet 3
Jazz 3
Hip-Hop 3

Do We Need Costumes? What Do We Wear?

Trinity Arts Center provides costumes for all of our performers. However, we do require that students wear some standard pieces (usually our required classroom uniform) as an undergarment or base for those costumes. Specefic information about those base costumes is included below. Please contact the teachers for more information about the additonal costumes that we will be providing for the show.

Note: Many of the costumes are shared between casts. It is absolutely critical that you do not take these home for laundering, or keep them during intermission or for photos. Please make sure those are returned immediately after your rehearsal or performances so that they can be organized and prepared for the next dancer.

Class-Specific Costume Information

Your child's teacher will communicate any specific costumes requirements.

What Should I Expect On Performance Day?

All students will be checked-in to the appropriate backstage holding and/or dressing room 45 minutes before each performance. Please have your student in their core costume, with hair and makeup ready before dropping them off.

Backstage Parents
Parents are not allowed backstage during rehearsals or performances unless they are working as a backstage volunteer. If you're interested, please sign up on the volunteer sheet, at the front table.

Food & Drink
Only water is allowed back stage. Students staying for multiple performances may bring a meal or snack to be eaten in the lobby or another approved area.

Video & Photography
A professional photographer will take pictures at both dress rehearsals and performances, which we will makes avilable for free. We record a batter-than-average video recording of each show, which we will make available online for free. We'll send an email with links to Rebecca's photos and our video shortly after the performance.

Post-Performance Pick-Up
To reduce backstage traffic, we ask that only one parent come backstage to pick up their younger students.

Wait Time Between Performance
Childcare is not available between performances. There are students, teachers, and technical crew who stay through the breaks. However, there is no direct supervision of students during this time. Students who cannot be responsible for themselves should not be left at the theatre between shows.

Anything else? Ask your student's teacher or shoot Jamin an email.

How Do I Sign Up To Help?

Thanks for asking! We need lots of help. Parent sign-up sheets are on the front table of the Arts Center with options to take tickets, distribute programs, assist with backstage needs, clean up, and a variety of other jobs.

We'll update this site with more information as we have it. When in doubt, just shoot us an email and we'll figure it out. Thanks!