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Front Desk

Trinity Arts Center works hard, not only to create and support high-quality education and performance opportunities, but also, to serve parents, students, patrons, and our faculty well by being creative, organized, empathetic, and communicating well in order to serve, love, and support the creative people around us.

Brooke Rathbun, Office Manager & Student Liason

Brooke Rathbun Brooke Rathbun, the eldest daughter of Jamin & Tanya Rathbun, has been involved at Trinity Arts Center since it's inception, training in ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary dance for more than eleven years, and perfomring in more than thirty productions including her lead role as Mary in our 2011 production of God With us.

Brooke, a senior at ETSU majoring in Psychology, joins Trinity Arts Center in three roles: teaching our Early Childhood dance classes, greeting and encouraging students in our lobby, and assisting parents (and her dad) at the front desk and on the phone. Her natural gifts -- service, encouragement, and hard work -- serve us (her parents), her students, and everyone at Trinity Arts Center very well. If you or your students have had the pleasure of interacting with her, you know this to be true. She's amazing!

Since stepping away from dance due to a back injury, Brooke spends her free time doing yoga, studying, babysitting, walking, singing, cooking, and traveling. In fact, she hopes to visit every continent. If you have a good way to visit Antartica on mission trip (perhaps to a scientific research group or penguins), I'm sure she'd be interested.

Jamin Rathbun, Owner & Executive Director

Jamin Rathbun Jamin, a proud father of nine, directs the day to day business operations of Trinity Arts Center, the multi-disciplinary arts academy he founded in 2006 and the Trinity Arts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization focused on creating and supporting community-building arts and education programs.

Jamin studied Secondary Vocal Music Education at Northwest Missouri State University before leaving to write and tour with Hot Pink Turtle, the band he formed with friends in 1989, which was subsequently signed to REX Records in 1993, recording two albums for that label, and an additional two compilation and tribute albums through Word Distributing, their parent company.

In addition to his early career as a touring songwriter, worship leader, and pizza delivery guy, Jamin is also an experienced speaker, creative director, consultant and business strategist, having led departments and development teams for a variety of advertising, marketing, design, and development companies including: MasterCard International, GE, CitiGroup, Chase, Oracle, and Home Depot.

Above all of that, though, Jamin is a father, a worshipper, a creative, a problem solver, and an encourager who loves to walk in the woods and talk with friends over coffee and cheesecake.

Bailey DeVore, Social Media

Bailey DeVore Bailey is a former, long-time Trinity student, a current alum, and a senior at ETSU, studying Media & Communication with a concentration in Advertising & Public Relations.

She describes Trinity as her "second home and where I fell in love being creative" and we are very excited to have Bailey's encouraging energy helping us communicate to parents and students, and share our vision and mission online. In fact, Bailey is at least partially responsible for the Trinity motto of "Art that looks like praise!"

A few fun facts about Bailey: 1. She did the Disney College Program in 2019 (she's a huge Disney fan). 2. If she could, she'd have a bunch of pets (she loves animals). 3. She has partial heterochromia (one of her eyes is half blue and half brown). Those are just a small part of what makes Bailey as unique and loveable as she is -- a valuable part of the Trinity, ETSU, and First Christian communities where she dances, studies, works, and worships.

Dance Program

The Dance Program at Trinity Arts Center includes Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, and Tap instruction for all ages and levels. In addition, we provide opportunities for our students, and the community at large, to particpate in professional dance intensives and workshops led by instructors from all over the country and world. Our dance faculty is listed below.

Eden Huhn, Dance Instructor

Mary Klug After training at Trinity Arts Center for 12 years, Eden Huhn returned to teach ballet, pointe, variations, and jazz at all levels. She has trained at prestigious summer intensives including Storling Dance Company, American Ballet Theatre, Gelsey Kirkland Academy, and Charleston Ballet Theatre.

Eden was accepted to the year round pre-professional training program at Gelsey Kirkland Academy in New York City at age 14, and has been Cecchetti certified in levels 1-5. Over the years, her love of dance has translated into a love of choreography, teaching, and even directing, creating pieces in every recent Trinity production (God With Us, David, The Music Man, The Prodigal) and taking the helm of the last two (God With Us, The Prodigal).

Eden's favorite part about dance is its worshipful spirit and expressiveness, and she loves to share this form of worship with her students.

Katie Rathbun, Early Childhood Dance Instructor

Mary Klug Katie studied ballet at Trinity Arts Center for twelve years before joining our early childhood dance program as an instructor. She is the sixth sibling in a family of nine, and loves caring for children of all ages, but especially young ones.

Katie does an amazing job with our young dancers, which is no surprise since she has been babysitting and helping backstage from a young age. She is often referred to as the "baby whisperer" by her family and friends, due to her natural giftedness with younger children, and especially her love of babies.

In addition to her work at Trinity, Katie works as a volunteer caregiver in the children's program at her home church (Grace Fellowship), and spends her free time finishing school, spending time with freinds, or babysitting. She intends to pursue a career in pediatrics or obstetrics after completing high school, and sees her role at Trinity as great preparation for her future career.

Gracie Overbay, Dance Instructor

Gracie Overbay Gracie Overbay is a student at Science Hill High School and will be a junior this year. She is a devoted student who wishes to pursue a career in physical therapy.

At age five, Gracie started dancing at On Pointe Dance Studio, training and competing in jazz, ballet, tap, and acrobatics. At age ten, she joined Trinity Arts Center, and was introduced to hip-hop thanks to her oustanding and encouraging teacher, Brielle Rathbun. Since that time, she has absolutely fallen in love with the style, and has progressed from student to company member in SLAY (Trinity's hip-hop dance company), to joining the faculty in 2018.

Trinity is Gracie’s second home, and she couldn’t think of a more family like environment in which to teach and dance.

Kathryn Price (Kenneson), Dance Instructor

Kathryn Price (Kenneson) Kathryn is a Johnson City native who trained with Susan Pace White for 15 years before transitioning to college and teaching, which she has been doing for the past eight years. She is currently finishing up her Masters in Education (grades 6-12 math) at Milligan, set to graduate in 2019.

In addition to her training with City Youth Ballet, Kathryn studied with the Radford Univeristy Ballet, South Caroline Dance Conservatory, and The Rock School in Philadelphia; and has performed with the Milligan Dance Team for four years, being selected as captain in her senior year.

Kathryn specializes in pointe, and classical variations for our upper level ballet students, and we couldn't be more excited about the creativity, expertise, and passion she adds to our community at Trinty!

Elizabeth Bosse, Dance Instructor

Elizabeth Bosse Elizabet has trained in ballet/pointe for the past eleven years. She was a full-scholarship recipient to Tennessee's Governor's School for the Arts Dance program in 2017 and has attended Ballet Magnificat!'s Summer Dance Intensive for three summers. This last July, she auditioned and made it into Ballet Magnificat!'s Pre-Professional Level during their intensive. As a result, she had the opportunity to perform a shortened version of their original ballet, Ruth.

Since ballet is a form of storytelling, aristy and expression are the most important qualities a dancer can understand how to utilize. Elizabeth hopes to encourage her students to not just complete a series of steps, but to dance-and to dance with passion. Most importantly, she hopes to encourage them to use that passion as a means to worship Christ and bless others.

Although she enjoys teaching ballet during her spare time, Elizabeth has put a pause on her own training to pursue a degree in elementary education from East Tennessee State University, as well as, to try new things like aerial dance, horseback riding, and playing the ukulele. She loves the way a person's face lights up when they finally understand a concept, whether how to properly execute a Brisé Volé or how to perform long division, and she also loves trying new things. You can find her making it through this semester with a few marshmallows in her coffee and a whole lot of instrumental disney music in her ballet classes.

Julia Jeffress, Early Childhood Dance Instructor

Julia Jeffress Julia has been a loyal student at Trinity Arts Center for 12 years, and received extra ballet training through the Cecchetti program as well as spending summers away at the Charleston Ballet Theatre, Carolina Ballet, and Burklyn Ballet Theatre summer intensives. She has always had a passion for working with young kids, and after spending 4 years as a teacher's assistant in early childhood ballet classes, she is thrilled to be teaching classes on her own!

Julia plans to keep dance in her life for as long as she possibly can, whether through teaching or performing. After finishing high school, she would like to pursue a career working with children, and her experience working/dancing at Trinity has definitely inspired those goals.

Her favorite thing about teaching the little ones is seeing their genuine enthusiasm and love of learning, and she tries her very best to match that energy each week and encourage their excitement. She hopes to create an environment where her students feel encouraged and supported, as well as help them build their confidence. Her biggest goal as a teacher is that her students have a positive first experience in ballet so they can learn to love dancing as much as she does!

Christina Ward, Early Childhood Dance Instructor

Christina Ward Christina, a senior at Science Hill High School (in 2020), has been dancing for twelve years, seven of those at Trinity Arts Center.

Over those seven years, she has assisted, taught, choreographed, and performed in a variety of dance and musical theatre productions at Trinity, sharing her love of dance with her students, patrons, and peers. She attributes her unique passion for dance to the unique opportunity that it affords to tell powerful and emotional stories that allows the dancer and audience to experience the music physically.

In addition to dancing, Christina is active at school, duel enrolling at ETSU, and working with kids as she has the opportunity. She's been an amazing student and dancer at Trinity, and we are extremely excited about adding her to our faculty officially. She has a gift for teaching, and we know her passion will be inspirational for her students.

Caden Jordan, Dance Instructor

Caden Jordan Bio coming soon.

Ballet Program

Our Ballet Program, although having its roots in several popular schools of instruction (Bourneville, Cecchetti, Vaganova, Royal Academy of Ballet), is based on an American style of ballet that combines the best of these classical forms with the beauty, passion, and fluid freedom of motion in modern American ballet. The result is a versatile style of ballet that offers a high level of training to students with a variety of body types, professional aspirations, and natural skill levels.

Traditional ballet schools offer the highest level of training to only the elite few whose body type or natural ability fit within their predetermined "style" of dance. In contrast, our program focuses on the potential of the individual dancer, allowing any participant, at any level, to rise to excellence in the art of ballet.

As with any art form, the true beauty is in the expression of the unique perspective of the individual.

This focus allows each dancer to achieve the highest level of success, both personally and professionally. In some cases, that is simply a lifelong enjoyment of dance. In others, as with several of Tanya's students, that means going on to respected ballet programs around the country, achieving the highest levels of commercial success.

Early Childhood
Pre Ballet & Ballet Basics

Our early childhood ballet program is specifically designed for children ages 3-6 years old. Although the basic class structure for both levels is essentially the same, the content for each class includes appropriate developmental skills for that specific age group.

Students will learn the basics of ballet class behavior. Boys and girls will be expected to take turns, follow and lead others, wait patiently, work well with fellow students, and have a joyful attitude. They will be trained in basic French terminology, balance and weight transfer, sequential movement, spatial relationships, and a variety of creative, expression, and energy exercises.

The early childhood ballet program will form a strong foundation that will help children excel in the higher levels of ballet instruction, as well as, in their other life and educational development and activities.

Materials: Pink tights with a black leotard (black skirt optional) and basic ballet shoes or socks.

Ballet 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & Pointe

Our full ballet program is designed for students age 7 to adult and includes a minimum of two class hours per week. Students progress through a program designed to develop strong ballet technique, discipline, and personal character.

Each class consists of 60-90 minutes of barre, conditioning, center work, combinations, and across the floor movement, including pointe work for advanced students. French ballet terminology is emphasized throughout

New students will be placed pending an evaluation of their current ability. For a complete class syllabus, please contact Miss Tanya in person.

Materials: Pink tights with a black leotard. All classes require technique shoes. Pointe shoes will be required for classes that include pointe.

Jazz & Lyrical Program

The Jazz program at Trinity Arts Center is designed as a supplement to the classical ballet program. Class instruction consists of warm-ups, across the floor movement, combinations, and traditional patterns of sharp, smooth, free, and controlled movement.

All of our jazz classes are taught to "clean" contemporary music and emphasize modesty in attire, behavior, and movement.

As with ballet, the jazz program emphasizes healthy and creative individual expression through dance in a safe environment that supports a healthy and Biblical standard of modesty.

Jazz 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6

The Jazz Program is designed for students age 7 to adult and includes one class hour per week. Each class consists of 45-60 minutes of group instruction designed to engage the students in the enjoyment of dance, while benefitting from the discipline, muscle control, and physical health of the activity.

Materials: Black jazz paints and leotard with black, split-sole jazz shoes.


Our hip-hop program is competitive with (and we think better than) any hip-hop program in our region, spanning five levels of instruction for all ages, without sacrificing our mission to honor God with our our bodies, movement, and attire in both the classroom and on stage.

Hip-Hop 1, 2 3, 4, 5, & 6

Our hip-hop classes are designed for ages 10 to adult and includes one class per week (usually complemented by core ballet and jazz classes). Each class consists of 45-60 minutes of group instruction with a high level of physicial activity. Students learn a variety of standard hip-hop movement and high-energy choreography set to an always current music playlist.

Materials: Baggy sweatpants, hip-hop shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, and any other swag that is appropriate.


Tap, being introduced to our students at two levels (elementary and teen), adds an energetic and rhythmic component to our dance repertoire, emphasizing good rhythm and overall musicality, both of which play an important role in all forms of dance.

Our tap classes are designed for ages 7 to adult and include one class per week (usually complemented by core ballet and jazz classes). Each class consists of 45-60 minutes of group instruction, learning a variety of standard tap steps and fun, energetic choreography.

Materials: Fitted dance pants (any color), and fitted t-shirts with black tap shoes (and style).


Modern Dance is a broad-reaching style of dance that uses grounding and catch-and-release movements (often tied to the floor and emphasized through breathing), to center oneself and one's movements. Most modern styles include a strong rhythmic, theatrical, and artistic component, that require a strong classical ballet background, while intentionally rejecting "classical" rules of dance, favoring freedom of movement and expression instead.

Our modern class is designed to introduce our younger teen dancers to a freedom of movement that they may not experience in early classical ballet training and teach them to be move comfortable loosening up and expressing themselves through dance. Our current class is designed for our level five and six students, and meets once per week (complemented by our core ballet and jazz classes). Classes run 45-60 minutes.

Materials: Black jazz pants or leggings with a black leotard and bare feet.

Expectations & Etiquette For All Dancers

  1. Be in class (or for little ones, in the lobby), in uniform, hair done, shoes on, on time, and ready to go. We have a large lobby and waiting area where you can get ready. Let's not waste class time waiting for late arrivals or unprepared dancers. Check out our sample ballet bun videos if you need some help with those.
  2. Always be attentive and quiet in class. If you have a question, wait until an appropriate time and raise your hand.
  3. The teacher is always right, even when they are wrong. I promise, we're trying very hard to teach you everything we know in a loving and humble way, and some of us are old. Show us some grace when we make a mistake or forget. We'll figure it out eventually. Learning to show teachers (and elders) respect is part of what you're learning.
  4. If something does go wrong, it's probably Mr. Jamin's fault. If you have a complaint, comment, or question, send it here or shoot us a message on Facebook. We'll response asap.
  5. We do not allow parents to visit the classroom. It's just too disruptive, especially for the little ones (imagine trying to do what you do with two people sitting in chairs watching you the entire time). We produce two shows a year. You'll have lots of opportutnies to see their progress. If you have questions about what we're doing in class, we're glad to schedule a quick meetup before or after class, of you can contact us at the front desk. Thanks!
  6. Be humble, creative, patient, kind, encouraging, and work hard. Our motto is "art that looks like praise." We want to embody that in all that we do, and we hope you will too.
  7. Finally... Be yourself. We're not one of those studios that only accepts people who are a certain height, weight, or body type. You bring a love for dance and be willing to work, and we will give you the best training we can, and lots of opportunities to use that gift for good.
Hopefully that helps set expectations and answers questions, especially for those who are new. As always, give us a shout if there's anything we can do. We're generally pretty responsive on Facebook as well.

Music Program

The Music Program at Trinity Arts Center is designed to provide the highest quality instruction to students of any level.

As with all of our programs, we desire to build up and encourage the natural gifts and talents of each student, in order to find their own unique "place" in their family, church, community, and life.

Every instructor at Trinity Arts Center is committed to teach and model a Godly example of the arts to each student, and to help them develop a love of music and understand its role in expressing ourselves to each other and to God.

Patty Booher, Piano Instructor

Patty Booher Patty Booher, a native of the Tri-Cities, lives in Johnson City, TN with her husband, Phil, and daughter, Jenna Marie. They are members of Boones Creek Christian Church, Gray, TN, where Patty serves as an accompanist of the Praise Team.

Trained in piano, Patty added the organ in her teens. She has accompanied voice students at East Tennessee State University, full orchestras for musicals and theatre productions such as The Sound of Music at the Eastman Employee Center and Virginia Intermont College.

Miss Patty's theatre credits include the role of Poison Ivy in Beauty & The Beast and as Eleanor in Four Tickets To Christmas at the Paramount Theatre. She has also appeared in The Music Man and the Bristol Passion Play at Viking Hall.

Patty's goal is for her students to love music for life, gaining self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment along the way.

Rob Meier, Voice Instructor

Rob Meier Rob recently returned to Johnson City after eight years of living in sunny Melbourne, Florida with his wife Lori (a professor at ETSU) and their furry, feline children -- Millie & Indiana.

Rob grew up in southern Indiana and studied music at Milligan College. He has spent most of his professional life as a worship minister at Eau Gallie Christian Church in Florida and has led many choirs and worship bands. In addition, Rob has also taught voice and worship leadership at Florida Christian College.

These days, you'll find Rob serving in ministry at a Morristown congregation and enjoying teaching voice to all ages here at Trinity Arts Center. Rob loves to bake cookies, travel, and play in the snow.

Barb Jeffress, Piano & Guitar Instructor

Barb Jeffress Barb and her family moved to East Tennessee in 2007 after many years of touring the world courtesy of the U.S. Army. She studied Education and French at Dartmouth College but for as long as she can remember, she has always spent her free time on creative and musical pursuits.

Barb began playing piano at the age of five, added the guitar as a teen, and later studied voice and violin as an adult. She has enjoyed singing and playing with worship teams and choirs, teaching kindergarten and French, leading drama workshops, and directing youth productions when she finds time.

One of her greatest joys in life has been helping her children and students discover the rewards of musical and artistic expression. Barb live in Johnson City with her husband Scott, and is active in the music ministry at Wesley Memorial Methodist Church in Johnson City.

Zach Ross, Guitar, Piano, Drums, & Voice Instructor

Zach Ross Zach attained his B.M. in vocal performance from ETSU in May 2014. At university, he was a member of the ETSU chorale, 10 Bucsworth and Greyscale vocal ensembles, and studied composition and piano with Dr. Maria Niederberger and Dr. Chih-Long Hu. He also was the pianist in the ETSU jazz ensemble and played guitar in the classical guitar ensemble.

Zach continues his work as a freelance composer, leads worship at Highlands Fellowship Church, and performs his original music throughout the region with A Great Disaster, Doctor Ocular, and others. In his instruction, Zach specializes in voice, guitar, piano, and percussion, teaching a variety of styles including jazz, classical, country, pop, and rock.

Dalton Hall, Drum & Guitar Instructor

Dalton Hall Dalton teaches drums and guitar at Trinity, although he tends to think of himself as just a guy who loves music, and who loves to worship.

He majored in bluegrass at ETSU before joining the Marine Corps, then finally circling back to music when he started teaching at Trinity and joined the worship team at The Rock Fellowship in Johnson City.

Dalton is one of those guys who makes an easy connection with students of any age, and figures out how to meet them where they are. He's kind of known for his country vibe, which may or may not include a beard or hat, but will always and forever include boots.

Rachel Strand, Guitar, Piano, Violin, & Voice Instructor

Rachel Strand Rachel began playing music at three years old, but truly fell in love with playing music at age ten, inspired by some amazing teachers on both piano and fiddle. She began teaching at age fifteen, and has never looked back, teaching in her home studio, as well as, off and on at Trinity Arts Center, in between having children.

Rachel plays and teaches piano, guitar, and violin/fiddle, and will take on the occasional voice student when it is a good fit (she's an amazing singer and performer). She is married to her husband, Jonathan, and they have three beautiful kids. As a family, they enjoy hiking, camping, reading, dancing, and playing music together.

Millicent Runnels, Violin Instructor

Millicent Runnels Millicent Runnels has danced and played violin almost her entire life. She trained as a student at Trinity Arts Center for 13 years, and took violin lessons from Laura Harrington for 10 years. She has been a part of all the Trinity Arts performances, including God With Us, Genesis, The Story of Ruth, Ever After, The Prodigal, The Story of Joseph, The Story of David, and The Wemmicks. She has also been part of the TAC musical theatre shows of Fiddler on the Roof and the Music Man. She attended and trained at numerous summer intensives including the Atlanta Ballet Theatre, Charleston Ballet Theatre, Next Generation Ballet, Michigan Ballet, Greenville Ballet, and the University of Indiana Ballet. In addition, she has studied Cecchetti ballet, and is certified in levels 1-6.

After graduating from high school, Millicent attended Belhaven University, where she received a scholarship in both dance and music. She trained at Belhaven for one year, and then decided to pursue a teaching career in the arts, while studying alongside to earn a degree in Nutrition from ETSU. Millicent’s passion is to become a registered dietician for a dance studio, where she can help young dancers stay healthy while in the process of training. She also desires to teach music and dance lessons to students and share her passion for both of these arts. She is particularly passionate about modern dance, as she loves the way that raw emotion and true praise can come from this style of dance.

Isaac Ratliff, Piano & Guitar Instructor

Isaac Ratliff Isaac Ratliff is a musician and songwriter living in Johnson City, Tennessee. He is a founding member of Sorrel, a band formed with his brother Seth, and performs regularly on piano with regional acts based in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Isaac began classical training on piano at age 8, but started to learn by ear at age 13, aided by his aunt, a southern gospel church pianist. Throughout high school, and as a student of Appalachian Studies at ETSU, Isaac supported several ministries and music departments on piano and guitar while continuing his own music education in piano and music history. His autodidactic (self-taught) approach to music, fueled by a love for the craft, has led him to learn the foundations of many American musical styles, from blues and jazz to old-time country and gospel.

Rachel Ellison, Voice Instructor

Rachel Ellison Rachel Ellison is a native of East Tennessee. She earned a Bachelor of Music degree from North Greenville University in South Carolina. While attending college, Rachel traveled and performed with the musical groups Joyful Sound and NG Singers.

Rachel then moved to Nashville and earned a Master of Music degree in Vocal Pedagogy from Belmont University. She taught music lessons at Belmont Academy in Nashville while earning her degree. After graduating, she taught as an adjunct instructor of voice at both ETSU and Milligan College. Her passion is helping singers free the voice through healthy vocal technique, which in turn, allows singers to be more artistic and expressive. She enjoys teaching many styles of music.

In addition to teaching music lessons, Rachel loves spending time with her husband and daughter, as well as leading worship at her home church in Elizabethton.

Jonathan Edens, Guitar Instructor

Jonathan Edens Jonathan Edens is a native of East Tennessee who has been playing music for most of his life. He received his formal education in music at North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC under the tutelage of Richard Banks for voice and Baron Tymas for guitar.

Jonathan has performed in ensembles of every size including stage operas, big bands, theater orchestra pits, jazz quartets, and solo gigs, playing his own original music.

Jonathan is known for his laid-back personality and patient style of instruction -- a super-power he puts to good use, bringing out the best in his students of all ages.

Clinton Ross, Guitar & Mandolin Instructor

Clinton Ross Clinton Ross is a graduate of ETSU's Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Country music studies program and has traveled the eastern U.S., performing from Maine to Louisiana. In 2018 and 2019 he performed at Merlefest, the largest traditional music festival in the country, and has been featured on TV and radio, including a 2016 appearance on NPR.

In addition to teaching, he serves as the music director at Christ Community Church in Johnson City. A North Carolina native, he now lives in Elizabethton with his wife, Beth, and dogs, Molly and Spike.

Art Program

The art program at Trinity Arts Center is designed to instruct students in the correct technique and methods for each individual medium using a variety of subject matter and materials.

At the same time, one of the unique strengths of our art instructors is their passion to strengthen the individual talents of and build self-confidence in each student.

As with all of our programs, we strive to balance excellent instruction and individual attention with the goal of using our talents and gifts to the glory of God.

Christopher Allen Boyd, Art & Pottery Instructor

Christopher Allen Boyd Bio coming soon.

Theater Program

The Theater Program at Trinity Arts Center is designed to mature students, not only in their understanding of the art of theater, but also in their understanding of the role that expression, communication, and passion should play in their own life.

Initially, this is facilitated using games, exercises, improvisation, and interaction between students to develop both a comfort level with expressing themselves and an understanding of how that expression may be received by the listener.

Students, especially teens, can benefit a great deal from the non-verbal communication learned in Theater Class. It is a great way to build self-confidence and understand the important role that body position, voice inflection, and eye contact play in both private conversation and public speaking.

Eventually, students will participate in the Theater Company as they learn, rehearse, and perform for audiences in the Tri-Cities and Eastern Tennessee areas including topical skits for use in churches and youth camps in the area.

Annemarie Dugan, Theatrical Director

Annemarie Dugan Annemarie has broad experience performing and directing dramatic arts, holding a BFA in Musical Theater from Shorter College, and having served as Performing Arts Director at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly.

Her acting repertoire includes principal roles in The Sound of Music (Maria), Once Upon a Mattress (Winifred), Fiddler on the Roof, Quilters, The Crucible, Man of LaMancha, Under Milkwood, The Good Doctor, Cotton Patch Gospel and Godspell, among others. She has also performed operatic roles in The Telephone, Mendelssohn s Elijah, and Beethoven s Choral Fantasia. In 1989, Annemarie was honored to sing the National Anthem at the American Consulate in Jerusalem, Israel, where she served as an ambassador to the Jerusalem International YMCA.

Annemarie is also well seasoned in media, having held the position of Media and Public Relations Coordinator for the Christian Medical and Dental Associations in Bristol, Tennessee, and as an anchor/reporter for WKPT-TV in Kingsport, Tennessee. Annemarie also hosted television programs for TCI-Cable, ACN and CAT-TV. Annemarie currently manages media and events for Art to Heart Ministries, an organization that helps people encounter God through the world's great art.

She adores her husband Jeff, and their two young children, Laura and Brit. They are active members of Central Baptist Church in Johnson City, Tennessee, where Annemarie serves as a preschool worship leader.

Steve Davis, Musical Director

Steve Davis Steve Davis is a retired church music minister who has been training groups and individuals through classes and private lessons for forty-six years. He has produced many live shows including: The Bristol Passion Play, Four Tickets To Christmas, Annie, The Sound Of Music, Fiddler on The Roof, and The Music Man (the last four with Trinity Arts Center).

In addition to teaching and directing, Steve also sings, acts, dances, plays piano, conducts, and believes strongly in the benefits of spiritual and physical health (nutrition, sleep, massage) working together to produce quality in every area of people's lives.